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Winter is dead and spring has sprung!

This public holiday Monday, escape the city and recharge in nature with the ‘Walk in the Park’ Royal National Park Tour.

When: Monday 7th October (Labour day public holiday)

Time: 8.15 am – 4/4.30 pm

Meeting Point: Central station / 814 George Street (outside ‘Wake Up! Hostel)

Payment: Before Friday 4th October

English version
Japanese version
Portuguese version
Spanish version

Clear blue skies and wonderful autumn weather on Saturday 27th April made for a great day in the Blue Mountains for the international students of UniLodge .

Sydney Super Special on a Soggy day!

The rain didn’t stop the ‘Sydney Super Special’ City & Beaches tour on Saturday March 9th. Run in conjunction with UniLodge on Broadway, it included a fun and informal English lesson on Sydney for new international students at Sydney University & UNSW.

Walking along the beach barefoot in the rain was the best part of the day!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, rainy days at the beach are more alive!

The ‘Sydney Super Special’ City & Beaches Tour w/ a ‘Sydney’ English Lesson

A fun, informal (and optional) English lesson to learn about Sydney! I promise no test at the end

The ‘Coast Special’ Eastern Coast & Beaches Tour – 8.30am February 2nd 2019 Ability English 10 Quay Street, Sydney

Don’t miss out! An Amazing Tour at an Amazing Price! Pay
online by Wednesday 30th January at